Detective Conan Chapter 948 (Rough English)

UPDATE: The legitimate translations for files 948 and 949 are out!

I didn’t do so badly I think! I got the gist of the case except for a very few points (because the translator engines just didn’t make any sense). But if you still want to read my work, then feel free to do so!

So hello! My (epic) vacation to the USA posts are to be on hiatus until I can find another free weekend… I just started work this month so I’ve been busy – but not too busy (yet) to completely have no leisure time. Thus I decided to utilize Google and Bing translation engines and the Vietnamese alphabet wiki page to transcribe and roughly translate the speech bubbles. I can only translate Filipino (99% Tagalog) to/fro English only. I know nothing about the Vietnamese language and am solely relying on the engines’ translations and my knowledge in English. So please bear with me! I only want to be updated in Detective Conan because I am a huge fan 😀 (I chose Vietnamese because not only are they fast [they get from the Chinese], but it is also way easier to type using our alphabet)

Note: Apparently the legit English translation is very near! But I’m still gonna post this because I already just finished it lol

Credits to Hamano Michiyo! 🙂

P.S. I cannot find a way to embed the Vietnamese images! 😦 I don’t want to reupload it on my media library so as to give credit to the source… So just read the “script” side-by-side with the images! Thanks!


Chapter 948: cây kéo được nắm chặt (The Gripped Scissors)

bản dịch tiếng việt được thực hiện bởi Ran Mori Fan Club

Vietnamese translations made by Ran Mori Fan Club

trong danh sách những người từng bị thử thuốc aptx4869… có một người tên là kouji – “anh” của haneda shuukichi! conan có thêm được những manh mối quý giá… tiến gần hơn tới bí ẩn về tổ chức áo đen, loạt truyện gay cấn bắt đầu!!!

In the list of people who were given the drug APTX4869… There was a man named Kouji – “brother” of Haneda Shuukichi! Conan has a valuable clue… closing in to the mystery of the black organization, a dramatic series begins!!!

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This is part one of my 40-day trip to the USA. 

How I applied for a US Tourist Visa.

Hello! I admit I have been a bad blogger these past few months. As I graduated from an engineering course, I had to take the board exam to test out myself and my 18 years of schooling. I spent the days in between graduation and this trip “studying”, and five days after the last day of exams I was dropped off at NAIA Terminal 1 to start out my forty days of well-deserved, (almost) self-paid vacation abroad. (Thank you to my two scholarships!) I was out of the Philippines from November 21 until December 31, 2015.

The first flight leg of my trip was MNL-ICN-LAX c/o Asiana Airlines. I’d like to commend their offline buying option of bank deposit, which is a great feature for those who don’t have credit cards, e.g. our family, and can’t come to their sales offices. But of course, the best is the low fare (~$450) despite me buying nine days before my departure and with a date near holiday period.

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Movie Marathon Day!

Today was so worth waking up early for, the long walks and scheduling, and lack of pictures! ^_^

First off, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (in IMAX no less)! Ah childhood! Still with the cool real stunts, and I’m glad the IMF was reinstated! They had a last minute-change of the ending on top of the months-earlier release but they still pulled it all off! Thoughts: Why didn’t Lane just kill himself? Wouldn’t he rather die, given all his efforts to get the ledger? Also his plan to get the data from Hunt using Benji was just too risky and trusting of the enemy. And I wanna know what happened to the main people after! D: BUT HEY THERE’S A SIXTH INSTALLMENT IN THE WORKS!!

After eating lunch and some errands, Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Inferno was next! Another high hype!! I knew from the start that there is a reason behind Kid’s sudden aggressiveness. The motive of the suspect did not disappoint me at all! For some it maybe simple but obsession is a frighteningly sharp double-edged sword that destabilizes people mentally. It’s also nice to see that Kid stole a little spotlight from Conan during the end parts, and that he stayed on until the very end. A notable addition to the usual plot! 🙂 I cannot wait for the next and the rest of the movies!

When I got back from the back-to-back movie watching in the mall, I immediately watched the Psycho-Pass: The Movie online to complete my movie marathon day. Ahh, Kougami! The movie passed my expectations. What I loved most about the movie are the images of gore and violence that are too real. (e.g. the hanging and poled people) It weighs heavily on the viewer in terms of the magnitude of chaos in the place. It has a line of thinking and development less than the season one but better than that of the season two. But the ending! Would there be a season three? Hope so!

Thank you to all who contributed to these movies. I love it all! 😀

LRT-1, Chizza, and the Orange Jeep

1.  LRT-1

I knew I rode this line way back when I was a kid and sometimes took little family trips to Manila City, so I was excited (but apprehensive because LRT-1) to ride this line again after more than a decade. As I had an event earlier at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), located inside the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Complex, LRT-1 seemed the most direct route we have coming from Quezon City. Muñoz/Roosevelt to Vito Cruz trip costed PhP 30 one-way. It beats the PhP 28 price of Taft to North Ave. trip of the MRT-3!

I was thinking about the “block” pricing of the tickets but it was overshadowed by my excitement to try out the “all-in-one” card they started implementing, but alas, all I got in the Muñoz station was not even a card but only a ticket! A ticket very similar to those used by bus lines! Oh well.

However, I have to say that the ride was considerably smoother than that of the MRT-3. I have rode in MRT-3 trains during daytime lunchtime before but the LRT-1’s ride is smoother. Also the inside is kinda like LRT-2 (but then again it was already more than a year since I last rode an LRT-2 train). It was also nice seeing a new part of Metro Manila.

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Ice Cream Popcorn!

Sweet and salty!

With Magnum Cafe’s closing, I knew I had to go there for the second and last time. The first time was almost a year ago, and I was able to taste their lovely bacon fries and the delicious Death by Chocolate. On Tuesday, I sought to try a dessert item from the anniversary menu. But first, a decent meal since I haven’t eaten anything yet. Luckily, it was still lunchtime (10am-2pm) so I was able to avail their lunchtime promo – PhP 295 for a pasta and a make-your-own-Magnum! There were four pastas: regularly priced at PhP 280, 300, 320, with the last one not on their regular menu. So over all, the lunch set is a steal!

The anniversary item that I tried was the Magnum Popcorn. White chocolate-covered vanilla Magnum coupled with popcorn that was covered with more white chocolate and some nuts (I think it was walnut) – it was so sweet! Definitely a dessert, despite my initial apprehension for combining popcorn and ice cream. The popcorn itself was sweet due to its coating. Overall, I loved it!

Ice cream Popcorn

The dessert was served before the pasta was even finished. Due to the white chocolate overload, my make-your-own-Magnum is then a dark chocolate-covered chocolate Magnum with pistachio, gold nuggets, and caramel crunches. TIP: sea salt flakes are free! So technically I had four toppings on my Magnum, and the salt helped alleviate the sweetness from the Magnum Popcorn, so yay!

It’s always so sad to see dessert places go. As a dessert lover, I’ll surely miss this place even if I have only been there twice! Until next time, maybe? 🙂